Freezing temperatures can do a lot of damage to your property and sprinkler system. Just as it is important to protect your interior pipes and insulate your home, your need to winterize your sprinkler system. Sprinkler heads, valves and pipes are exposed to extreme temperatures and weather all winter long. Water left in your system can crack the sprinklers or strain the pipes without any visible damage. This can cause leaking or damaged equipment once you return to using your sprinkler system in the spring.

Winterization of your sprinkler system removes all the water that is in the lines, pipes, fittings, valves, sprinkler heads, pumps, and any other component. If water remains in the system, it will freeze, expand and break some or all of your parts. Draining and/or blowing out your system leaves nothing in the system to freeze and protects the integrity of your sprinkler system throughout the cold months.

Let Texas Irrigation and Landscaping provide you with the necessary winterization service your irrigation system needs. With the winterization process we drain your backflow unit, shutoff all valves and test cocks, and open backflow internal to dry.

Protect your sprinkler system by taking it offline for the winter!


$95up to 8 zones

Spring Startup/Activation

$95up to 8 zones

System Winterization + Startup Bundle

$175up to 8 zones
Insulated Pouch for Outdoor Pipes
$100 Installed

Pouch can be placed over pipes and backflow devices to protect from the cold and harsh weather.

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