Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is an extremely popular irrigation system due to the amount of water and nutrients it saves. A drip irrigation system helps you deliver water more efficiently, saving you time and money. Essentially, the water drips slowly to the roots of plants where it is needed. The water can come from above or below the soil surface. The overall goal is for the water to go directly to the zone where the roots are located and to minimize evaporation.

Drip irrigation systems are commonly installed in areas where flowers, shrubs or plants are growing rather than in a lawn. This system allows you to target plant roots more precisely than with sprinklers, resulting in better plant health and water conservation.

A drip irrigation system is designed based on your property’s layout. The effectiveness of the system largely depends on its design and installation. Texas Best Irrigation and Landscape can tailor a custom drip irrigation system to your needs.

Benefits of a Drip Irrigation System

  • Saves Water: Drip irrigation systems have been proved to use 30 – 50% less water than other watering methods such as sprinklers.
  • Saves Time: You do not have to set and move sprinklers. A timer can be added to the system for scheduled and automated watering.
  • Improves Growth: Ideal growing conditions include smaller amounts of water applied over longer amounts of time. With a drip irrigation system you are able to extend watering times for plants. It also prevents soil erosion and nutrient runoff. Water is able to penetrate deeply into the soil to get well down into the root zone because the flow is continuous.
  • Adaptable: Your system can be easily modified to adjust to the changing needs of your property.
  • Discourages Weeds: The drip irrigation system only waters where it is needed.
  • Helps Control Fungal Disease: Fungal disease grows quickly in moist conditions and wet foliage can spread disease.

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