Backflow Preventer Testing

Texas Best Irrigation and Landscaping is a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester and Repair licensed in the State of Texas. We are licensed to test, repair and certify all types of backflow preventers to manufacture specifications. To keep you within code compliance with the water purveyor, we provide written certification upon the completion of each testing and repair.

Residential Property

$125Certified Backflow Testing

Commercial Property

$225Certified Backflow Testing
Need a Backflow Preventer Installed?

If you are unsure if you have a backflow preventer or need one installed – call the experts at Texas Best Irrigation and Landscaping to help! Older sprinkler systems installed by home owners or even contractors may not have the proper backflow preventer installed. Contact your city for all permit information and code requirements.  Once you have completed that, it is highly recommended that you hire a contractor to install the proper backflow preventer in order to ensure proper installation that will pass city inspection. Each city has its own requirement for installation and testing, let Texas Best Irrigation and Landscaping  make sure you are in compliance!

Contact Texas Best Irrigation and Landscaping today to install, service or test your backflow preventer.

Why is a Backflow Preventer Important?

A backflow prevention device is used to protect your water from contamination due to backflow. A backflow preventer device is installed on your home’s water pipes allowing water to flow in one direction but never in the opposite direction. Backflow can occur when pressure changes in the pipes causing water to flow backwards and seep into the main water supply line. When pressure is lost in the pipes, due to various reason, water is no longer being pushed forward into your home and will flow backwards into the city water lines. This can contaminate the public drinking water.

You should have a backflow preventer device on your irrigation system if your water comes from a potable source. In most places, it is illegal to not have an approved type of backflow preventer on your irrigation system if your irrigation water source is potable.

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